Corns on the soles of the feet

Some of the largest corns occur on the soles of the feet. These corns are often described as feeling like having a stone in your shoe and have the potential to cause significant discomfort.

Although relief of symptoms is normally immediate when removed, weight bearing corns can prove to be the most difficult to prevent from recurring.  Identifying the causes of excess pressure (and reducing it) is essential to prevent corns from constantly re-occurring

The cause of excessive stress on the sole of the foot is not always obvious and cannot be eliminated instantly (unless you are able to walk on your hands!).

Consequently weight bearing corns often provide a greater challenge in preventing their recurrence and hence generally are more persistent than corns elsewhere.

However the majority of weight bearing corns do respond well to regular conservative treatment combined with attempts to reduce pressure e.g. wearing soft soled shoes (trainers), and the provision of an insole to fit into the shoe that is built up around the corn therefore redistributing pressure away from the site of the corn (below).


Corn would sit into the aperture
allowing the surrounding built
up pad to deflect pressure
away from the corn site

Seed Corns are smaller and can appear in large numbers

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