Hand Warts

Warts are areas of viral infection caused by the same virus
(HPV-Human Papilloma Virus) as verrucae. They often occur where the skin has
been broken i.e. grazes, scratches, cracks, etc.

Treatment options for warts are either:


1. Liquid Nitrogen

For warts that would appear straight forward to treat then Liquid
Nitrogen would be our favoured choice of treatment. Although Liquid Nitrogen
provides cure rates of over 90% the treatment can be painful.


2. Nd YAG 1064nm class 4 medical Laser (NOT a
‘cold’ Laser)

For warts that would present more of a challenge to clear
(multiple or larger warts particularly sited in awkward areas such as down the
sides of nails) then Laser treatment would be our favoured treatment option.

Laser treatment is relatively painless and will offer an even
higher rate of cure than Liquid Nitrogen. Perhaps not surprisingly Laser
treatment is regarded as the ‘gold standard’ for the treatment of warts and
verrucae. We are only one of a handful of Podiatry Practices in the UK to be
able to offer this treatment and we see its introduction as complimenting the
vast experience and proficiency we have in treating warts and verrucae.


3. Curettage 

A minor surgical skin procedure undertaken under local
anaesthesia. Results in the wart/verrucae being ‘scooped out’ with a looped
shaped blade. It is often undertaken with Laser or Electro-surgical


4. Electro-surgical hyfrecation

Undertaken under local anaesthesia it results in the wart/verrucae
being vaporised by the application of heat. Its use has now become overshadowed
by the introduction of a Laser within our practice.  

If you have unsightly warts then call our practice today. We can
offer you a quick and simple cure by practitioners with considerable experience
in this field.