The term Metatarsalgia is not a precise diagnosis of any foot pathology. Translated from Latin, Metatarsalgia simply means ‘pain in the metatarsal area’. Considering there can be several different causes of pain in this area it, therefore, does not offer patients a precise diagnosis. The term Metatarsalgia is often used by practitioners where the precise cause of pain in the metatarsal and MTPjoints (Metatarsal/Phalangeal joint) has not been established. 

Listed below are the most commonly occurring causes of Metatarsalgia.

  1. Mortons neuroma / Inter-metatarsal bursitis
  2. Plantar plate tear /
    pre dislocation syndrome
  3. Synovitis / Capsulitis
  4. Metatarsal stress fractures
  5. Degenerative osteo-arthritis of Metarso-phalangeal joints
  6. Plantar metatarsal bursitis