Routine Nail Care

Not all of our patients present with painful foot pathologies. Many patients attend for routine footcare where we will undertake nail cutting, thinning of thickened nails, and the removal of any unsightly hard skin which is then sanded and creamed where appropriate.

Additionally, since not all foot pathologies are symptomatic (cause discomfort) our Podiatrists would use the opportunity to inspect the feet (a check up) for any existing or potential problems that the patient may be unaware of.  Any problems identified would be treated & advised upon during the appointment.

Some people choose to avoid attending to their own feet and would prefer the attention of a Podiatrist. Others (particularly the elderly & infirm) are simply unable to attend to their own feet and therefore rely on the services of Podiatrists for routine maintenance.

If you would like to attend for routine footcare then just make a standard consultation appointment with any of our team of Podiatrists.