Laser Treatment for Warts and Verrucae

Our laser has allowed us to offer an even greater choice of treatment options for warts & verrucae. The Podylas S30 is a powerful 40W 1064 Nd YAG class 4 medical laser. We are one of only a small number of clinics in the UK who can offer this technology. For the use of treating warts/verrucae, it is used in two different ways depending on the size of the lesions.

  1. Small (ish) warts/verrucae – We would firstly curettage the lesion (excavate a ‘divot’ of skin using a curette) and then use the laser to burn/cauterise the exposed base. The wound is then dressed and take approximately two weeks to heal. Only modest discomfort is experienced postoperatively.
  2. Larger warts/verrucae – If the surface area is considered too large for curettage, then the laser would be used differently from the method described above. The laser would be used to heat the skin sufficiently to create a blister underneath the lesion, thus detaching the upper layers of skin from the lower layers. The upper layers are then removed, exposing a controlled ulcer (see below). The lesion is then dressed and would take approximately 2-4 weeks to heal (depending on the surface area). The wound would be uncomfortable for a few days postoperative.




Both of the two above methods of using the laser are undertaken under local anaesthesia and therefore are completely painless during the procedure, however, discomfort can be expected postoperatively (this varies significantly depending on the method of application and the size of the lesion).

Although the majority of warts/verrucae can be treated with more conservative treatments (liquid nitrogen, caustics, multiple Puncture/ Needling etc.), the use of lasers in the treatment of warts and verrucae offers a more invasive treatment option for stubborn warts/verrucae. Its efficacy is higher than that of more conservative treatments; however, it does not provide a guarantee of success. There is no treatment regime anywhere that can offer a guaranteed cure for warts/verrucae.

Verrucae particularly can often present great challenges in clearing; however, we can reassure patients that we have vast experience and proficiency in treating these lesions.

We will provide patients with a blunt assessment of the most appropriate treatment options so they can make an informed decision on how (or if) they wish to proceed with any treatment option.