Cortico-steroid Injections

These injections are used routinely in our clinic for a variety of foot pathologies such as:

  1. Plantar fasciitis / Enthesopathy / Heel spur 
  2. Osteoarthritis / degenerative arthritis 
  3. Inflammatory arthritis 
  4. Bursitis
  5. Mortons neuroma / Metatarsalgia 
  6. Sinus tarsi syndrome 
  7. Keloid scar reduction 

If conservative treatment regimes fail to improve symptoms, then a cortico-steroid injection can be considered.

In order to confirm diagnoses and aid injection guiding our musculoskeletal ‘in house’ Sonographers will undertake an Ultrasound scan prior to injecting. We also numb the affected area with a local anaesthetic prior to injecting, thus ensuring the procedure is painless. This represents the ‘gold standard’ in corticosteroid foot injecting, where the area has been scanned to add clarity to the diagnosis and to assist the clinician in placing the corticosteroid solution into exactly the correct position.

Patients will then attend for 1 monthly & 2 monthly reviews to assess outcomes/efficacy.

For most of the conditions listed above, a corticosteroid injection would usually offer patients quite a dramatic reduction in symptoms.

Mark Hollinshead is the clinician who undertakes these injections. Mark offers Thursday evening injecting sessions where he works with our musculoskeletal specialist Sonographers from Inner Vision Imaging, who provide the ultrasound scanning during these sessions.

Mark has been undertaking these injections since 2010 and is also a mentor to postgraduate students who undertake the injection qualifications.

The cost of a corticosteroid injection is £225, which includes an ultrasound scan of the affected area by musculoskeletal specialist Sonographers, and two follow up review appointments.

Patients will be expected to initially attend a standard Podiatry consultation appointment with Mark where the condition can be examined thoroughly to assess the most appropriate treatment options ( a cortico-steroid injection will only be offered if conservative regimes have failed to improve symptoms and it is deemed likely to be efficacious).