A Doppler is a device used to listen to the flow of blood through an Artery. In Podiatric Medicine we use this equipment to help assess the status of a patient’s circulation to the foot. The pattern of the sound can be a reliable indication of the health of the Artery tested i.e. if the Artery is ‘furred’ thus reducing blood flow to the foot.

A Doppler probe is placed on the skins surface over the main arteries that supply the foot with blood.







The probe translates the movement of blood into sound. An experienced practitioner will listen carefully and be able to detect if the flow is healthy.






A healthy sound would be two or three separate noises in quick succession (Biphasic or Triphasic).

Unhealthy arteries would exhibit a single ‘swishing’ sound (Monophasic).

A Doppler is used routinely at this practice and its use is included during all Diabetic vascular assessments.